London Mayor Shaun Bailey on Why He Wants to be Mayor

In this article, Shaun Bailey discusses his reasons for wanting to be the Mayor of London. He talks about his passion for the city and its people, and how he believes he can make a difference as Mayor. Bailey also outlines some of the key issues he plans to focus on if elected, including housing and crime.

London Mayor Shaun Bailey on Why He Wants to be Mayor

London Mayor Shaun Bailey has set out his stall ahead of the 2020 mayoral election, saying that he wants to be mayor because he believes he can make a real difference to the city.

Bailey, who is currently a Conservative member of the London Assembly, said that he would be a “unifying force” if elected as mayor.

“I believe I can bring people together,” he said. “I think we need a unifying force in this city and I believe that I am that person.”

The mayoral hopeful also spoke about his own background, which has seen him grow up on a council estate in Chelsea and benefited from opportunities afforded to him by living in the capital.

“I want every young person growing up on an estate like mine knows that they have every opportunity I had,” Bailey said. “That’s why I’m running for mayor.”

Shaun Bailey’s plans for the city of London

As the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London, Shaun Bailey has laid out his plans for the city should he be elected. He has said that he wants to make London a safer and more prosperous place for all its residents.

To do this, Bailey has pledged to increase investment in the police force and add 1,000 new officers to the streets of London. He also plans to target crime hotspots with extra resources and create a new violent crime taskforce. In addition, Bailey has promised to crack down on anti-social behaviour and gang violence by working closely with communities across London.

In terms of economic prosperity, Bailey intends to grow small businesses and create jobs by cutting business rates for them. He also plans to invest in skills training so that Londoners can take advantage of the many job opportunities that will be created as the city grows. Additionally, Shaun Bailey intends to freeze transport fares for four years if he is elected as Mayor of London.

Why Bailey believes he is the best candidate for the job

Since his election to the London Assembly in 2016, Shaun Bailey has emerged as one of the most hardworking and effective Members. He has a proven track record of working tirelessly on behalf of all Londoners and fighting for the issues that matter to them.

Bailey believes that he is the best candidate for Mayor of London because:

1) He has a proven track record of delivering results for Londoners. As a Member of the London Assembly, Shaun Bailey has worked tirelessly on behalf of all Londoners, championing important issues like knife crime, housing and transport. He has a strong record of delivery and is known for being a passionate fighter for what he believes in.

2) Shaun Bailey is an experienced business leader who knows how to get things done. Before entering politics, Shaun had a successful career in marketing and advertising, running his own company and working with some of the world’s biggest brands. This experience will be invaluable in ensuring that City Hall delivers on its promises to Londoners.