Black History Month: A New Mayor for London?

With the 2020 London Mayoral Elections fast approaching, Joy Sigaud put some poignant questions to the latest hopeful Conservative Party candidate Shaun Bailey

We welcome your nomination as the Conservative Party candidate for the Mayor of London post in the 2020 elections.

Shaun Bailey: Thugs no longer fear our justice system

The lethal "zombie" knife Joshua Gardner smashed against the window of a passing car had only one use - killing. And the dash-cam video of last May's incident in south London left no question about the teenager's intent - to do harm.

Shaun Bailey hails Asian Community's family models

The Conservative party candidate for London's 2020 Mayoral election, Shaun Bailey, said that the Asian community is an example he looks up to, denying his intention to 'attack' the community or Britain's multiculturalism.

Shaun Bailey: Khan has taken his eye off the ball on Crossrail

Yes, the retail bit of campaigning is important, but it’s only part of the job of winning the 2020 London Mayoral election. A lot of my effort over the coming months will be dedicated to my day job of holding Sadiq Khan to account at the London Assembly.

More Funding for the Met

Sadiq Khan has - inexcusably - waited too long to crack down on London's record levels of violent crime. He has, for months now, ignored my costed plans to cut waste at City Hall in order to fund more frontline police and detectives. 

Home Office bureaucrats need to pay for Windrush too

No dogs. No blacks. No Irish. That was the text of the “welcome” signs my Jamaican grandfather and his generation saw in many storefronts and other establishments in 1950s and 60s England.