London bloodbath - Shaun Bailey offers solution to knife crime epidemic under Sadiq Khan

The capital is witnessing a dramatic escalation in homicides after 132 people were killed in 2018. Four people were killed in the capital in just four days over the weekend, bringing the total death toll in 2019 to 60 people. The latest was a man in his 40s who was stabbed to death on Monday morning.

One teenager was shot dead and another was stabbed to death on Saturday, following the fatal knifing of another man in Tower Hamlets on Friday.

Monday morning's victim was attacked in Stratford, east London, just one day after a mob of 100 youths pelted police with bottles as they investigated a robbery at the nearby Westfield shopping centre.

Shaun Bailey, who will compete for Mr Khan’s job next year, told that a solution to the bloodbath was readily available through the use of two technologies. He explained: “When I talk about technology there are two major technologies we could be using.

“One is CCTV. London is the most recorded city on the planet. There are computer programs that mean you can get much better evidence off that and save police time and money to reinvest in better local policing.

“The second part is scan and search.

“Stop and search is a bit hit and miss and sometimes very antagonistic.

“But when you do scan and search, the technology there means you can stop many hundreds of people and accurately find criminals which every community in London wants.

“The bottom line is this: my policing plan will bring over 2000 new police officers to London with money we already have.

“Because you want to send the message that the police will catch you if you are a criminal and we talk about those two technologies because they provide much better evidence to get criminals prosecuted.

“Because you want to send the message back to people that if you’re a criminal we’re after you and you’re going to jail.”

A spokesperson for Mr Bailey want into further detail about the scan and search technique.

He explained it would involve “thermal imaging cameras and bespoke software to detect concealed weapons without making any physical contact”.

He said: “Such an approach would involve less guesswork and would be far less invasive than traditional stop and search; ensuring that more weapons were detected, arrests made, and lives saved as police would not be acting blind.

“With knife crime rising we need a new approach to stop and search because the current approach, despite increasing, is becoming less effective.”

Mr Bailey added: “By using thermal imaging technology, I will adopt a scan and search approach, targeting criminals in high traffic areas.

“Not in a decade, not in a year, but right now.

“Technology alone won’t solve the violent crime epidemic that is threatening London’s most vulnerable communities, but it can and must be part of the solution.

“The current London Mayor has failed to show any real initiative in grappling with these issues.

“Under my crime plan for London, new technologies such as thermal imaging cameras would be accompanied by nearly 2000 extra police officers.

“This could be funded tomorrow by cutting the irresponsible waste at City Hall.

“Tackling serious violent crime must be our city's number one priority.”

Mr Bailey felt Mr Khan’s greatest failure had been an all-encompassing lack of leadership. He said: “Crime has demonstrated that he’s shown no kind of leadership in London at all. And we really need that leadership right now.

“And he’s spent all of his time blaming other people which lets us know that situation won’t change.

“The risk now is that we continue in this direction under Sadiq.

“That’s the big failing: the poor direction he’s led London in and the real lack of delivery.”

Mr Bailey continued his scathing attack, insisting the Labour mayor had “broken” almost every promise he made in his manifesto.

He added: “I think there are a lot of problems that London has faced that Sadiq has to answer for. He’s campaigned the whole time and delivered very little.

"People in London, whether Remain or Leave, young or old, black or white - what they’re after is solutions to housing, crime, transport. And he hasn’t delivered on any of those things.

“He’s broken nearly every one of the promises he made while chasing election.”

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