I know knife crime. If the mayor won't act, I will

Enough is enough. I’m tired of waiting for a Mayor who never acts.

As I received the devasting news that on Sunday there had been another fatal incident that left three men dead in Ilford, it became apparent that the Mayor will continue to stand idle as Londoners are lost to knife crime. 

If the Mayor won’t act, then I will.

I know knife crime. I’ve had a machete pointed at me during my time as a youth worker. I’ve seen a boy bleeding out on the pavement after he was stabbed outside my office. We need to pull London together, and that’s why I’ll be hosting a knife crime summit ASAP, bringing together the experts in our city. Information on this will follow-up shortly.

I have a plan to #MakeLondonSafe and to protect Londoners from the epidemic of knife crime.

As part of a mission to halt knife crime I will introduce Operation London Ceasefire which has been successfully trialled in the US. This would replicate and build on the US Operation Ceasefire, which led to a dramatic decrease in violence and gang activity in Boston, earning the nickname ‘the Boston Miracle’.

During my time as a youth worker, I worked with young people helping them to see understand and achieve a new life outside of gangs, away from continual threats of violence and danger.

We must put an end to this. Nothing can thrive in fear. And London can no longer live in fear.