Cost of Khan's Spin Machine fails to wash with Londoners

Exclusive figures uncovered this morning reveal the reputational damage Sadiq Khan’s failure to tackle crime has had to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

The figures obtained directly from City Hall reveal victim satisfaction has fallen and the public’s perception of the work of the MPS is down across the board - despite Sadiq Khan wasting £83million on his PR machine and bureaucracy at City Hall. 

Every day people have been put at risk because the mayor thinks more about his media profile than the safety of everyday Londoners.

The only figure that didn’t fall relates to police conduct which has stayed level since 2016, as 77% of respondents still believe police treat everyone fairly. A testament to the professionalism and dedication of London’s brave police officers. 

Satisfaction with the MPS from the perspective of victims makes for stark reading (percentage change September 2017 to 19) 

  • violent/assault victim satisfaction (-13%);
  • vehicle victim satisfaction (-13%);
  • hate crime victim satisfaction (-13%);
  • burglary victim satisfaction (-9%);
  • robbery victim satisfaction (-9%);
  • and overall MPS victim satisfaction (-11%).

Commenting on these figures, Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey said:

"As though Londoners require further evidence, here is the proof that Sadiq Khan is simply not giving the Metropolitan Police the support it so sorely needs.

The mayor is supposed to support the police by making strong decisions and giving the police the tools needed for the job at hand. Sadiq Khan has boosted his PR and bureaucratic machinery by £83 million yet he leaves the Metropolitan Police high and dry.

A priority of the next mayor is getting crime under control. I pledge to reduce crime and keep you safe. Central to this is supporting the Metropolitan Police - they need support from the mayor and it simply isn’t happening.”