Shaun Bailey - let's stop offenders re-offending

Offenders deserve a second chance to turn their lives around. ⁣

My Second Chances Fund will provide training and skills to offenders to stop re-offending. This will cut violent crime by breaking the cycle of violence many find themselves trapped in.

Cost of Khan's Spin Machine fails to wash with Londoners

Exclusive figures uncovered this morning reveal the reputational damage Sadiq Khan’s failure to tackle crime has had to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

The figures obtained directly from City Hall reveal victim satisfaction has fallen and the public’s...

Shaun Bailey - I will not be intimidated by race-hate trolls

Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey today said he would not be intimidated by “trolls” bombarding him with racist hate abuse.

One handwritten letter addressed to the Tory politician read “N****r — you are not welcome around Twickenham” in bright red block capitals.