My Policy Agenda

I want to give every Londoner a stake in society so that everyone has the ability to contribute to the greatest city in the world.

In the last few years, however, our city and its people have been neglected and left behind. Crime is rising, our air is dirtier, our transport infrastructure has been neglected, and a home to call your own is now a distant dream for far too many.

I know that the only way to truly give everyone a stake in society is to provide real opportunities and security for everyone.

I want to make sure that Londoners know that we can keep them and their families safe and secure. Safe to walk London’s streets, free from the fear of crime. Secure in their homes, schools and jobs. Safe from the toxic air that is polluting our city.

And I want to make sure that Londoners feel hope for a better life. Real opportunities to get on the housing ladder, to get a good job, to ease the cost of living burden.

  • Tackling crime

    Londoners need their streets to be safe and their communities to be secure.

    I have been a youth and community worker for over 20 years. Growing up in Ladbroke Grove, I have seen first-hand how people can be drawn into a life of crime.

  • More, better housing

    I want to see a city where Londoners have the security of their own homes and are proud of their neighbourhoods and communities. Having a place to call your own is the root of hope and security.

  • Improved transport

    I want to see a city with safe and reliable ways of getting around no matter where we work or live. Londoners spend hours and hours commuting every week. They want to know they can get to and from work and drop the children off at school without trains and buses not turning up on time.

  • Protecting the environment

    Londoners deserve a clean and healthy living environment, secure in the knowledge that their families are not exposed to polluted air and have the opportunity to access green space around the city.