Conservative Home: Greg Hands: Bailey is the right person to win in 2020 – and turn London blue again

Author: Greg Hands

As most readers will no doubt be aware, Mayor Sadiq Khan is failing London. Whether it is his consistent talking down of the Capital’s future prospects in an increasingly global world, or his inability to manage City Hall effectively, Mr Khan’s mayoralty has been marked by pessimism and failure.

For me, Shaun Bailey is the perfect antidote to Khan’s failed leadership. I have been a London MP since 2005 and have known Shaun since 2007, and have worked with him closely. As a member of the London Assembly, Shaun understands in great detail how Sadiq Khan is failing as mayor and scrutinises his poor decision-making on a daily basis. Also, as a youth worker for over 20 years, Shaun has the knowledge and experience to deal with troubled young people and tackle the rising gang violence that concerns so many.

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