Tackling crime

Londoners need their streets to be safe and their communities to be secure.

I have been a youth and community worker for over 20 years. Growing up in Ladbroke Grove, I have seen first-hand how people can be drawn into a life of crime.

But Khan has given up on tackling crime in London. He has abandoned his responsibilities by trying to shift the blame and washing his hands of the consequences. This lack of leadership has emboldened criminals and undermined our police.

I want to see a city where criminals are under pressure, not communities.

I will:

Put more bobbies on the beat

By cutting waste and driving through new technology we can recruit almost two thousand new police officers and get more cops out from behind desks and into our communities.

Support prevention and diversion initiatives

We need to stop the conveyor belt of crime and push young men and women away from damaging gangs and a life of crime. I will work with community organisations, charities and local councils to ensure there is support for families and communities and real hope for young people through training and work opportunities.

Tackle gangs and violent crime

Gang leaders are hardened criminals who need to be taken off the streets before they can ruin the lives of the young and vulnerable. I will ensure the Met cracks down on criminals by driving up detections and charging offenders, as well as working with government to push up convictions.

Have Zero Tolerance for gang activity

I will crack down on rising crime by taking a zero-tolerance approach to gang activity and anti-social behaviour. This tried and tested method involves targeting petty crimes aggressively, such as visible signs of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and petty gang activity, preventing an environment that actively encourages more serious crime.

De-escalate tensions on the streets

By placing knife surrender bins in London's top 50 high-crime wards and calling in the gangs.

Introduce a public health model

That works for London that promotes the wellbeing of our young people and steers them away from crime.


In London And Across The UK, There's No Excuse Not To Eradicate FGM

Only one of us has been cut, and only one of us is running for London mayor – but we both know the capital can take the lead in ending this shameful practice.

The barbaric practice of female genital mutilation is once again in the press - for the right and wrong reasons.

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The lethal "zombie" knife Joshua Gardner smashed against the window of a passing car had only one use - killing. And the dash-cam video of last May's incident in south London left no question about the teenager's intent - to do harm.

More Funding for the Met

Sadiq Khan has - inexcusably - waited too long to crack down on London's record levels of violent crime. He has, for months now, ignored my costed plans to cut waste at City Hall in order to fund more frontline police and detectives.