Protecting the environment

Londoners deserve a clean and healthy living environment, secure in the knowledge that their families are not exposed to polluted air and have the opportunity to access green space around the city.

As someone who grew up in inner London and now lives in outer London, I know the importance of green space and clean air. My son and I are both asthmatic and the quality of the air we breathe is a real concern I personally understand.

But Khan has failed to clean up London’s air, broken his promise to plant 2 million trees, and has instead introduced expensive new taxes to punish commuters.

I will:

Protect and enhance the Green Belt

I will protect London’s Green Belt and enhance it by creating national parkland on sites of key environmental significance.

Introduce a London-wide electric car scheme

I will introduce a Boris Bike style scheme for electric cars across London, offering clean alternatives for motorists without penalising them with just more taxes.

Clean Up London’s Buses

I will work to ensure that London’s entire bus fleet is green, with all buses being hybrid or electric by the end my term. In the meantime, I will roll out clean bus corridors across the city using London’s cleanest buses on its dirtiest roads, including Oxford Street and other busy high streets.

Protect cyclists 

I will do all I can to make cycling as safe and easy as possible to encourage more people to take it up. Cycling should help to ease congestion, not add to it; so I will make sure communities are properly consulted and explore more sensitive, faster, and viable ways of protecting cyclists.