More, better housing

I want to see a city where Londoners have the security of their own homes and are proud of their neighbourhoods and communities. Having a place to call your own is the root of hope and security.

I’ve lived all over London, from Ladbroke Grove to Lewisham, from Havering to Greenwich. Like so many Londoners, my path to getting on the housing ladder was a long and difficult one. After renting for many years and struggling to save for a mortgage, I got the chance to use shared ownership and then Help to Buy to finally buy my own home.

But Khan has broken promise after promise, from the number of houses he would build, to his own affordable housing target. Despite being in the middle of a housing crisis, he even blocked building on brownfield land.

He simply can’t be trusted to deliver the homes Londoners need.

I will:

Release more land to build more homes 

I will immediately remove Khan’s ban on building on Strategic Industrial Land, to enable us to build more homes across London.

Protect London’s character 

I will make sure that the houses we build are the homes that Londoners actually want, not just the ones that developers find easiest to build.

Ease the burden on renters

I will work with government to crack down on rogue landlords, make sure that renters are offered longer tenancies, and ban outrageous letting agents’ fees.

Renew our social housing 

I will guarantee that estate regeneration is only done where local residents are involved and have a real stake in the redevelopment.

Tackle land banking

I will make sure development speculators don’t sit on approved building sites without starting construction for years.