Helping business to grow the economy

London is the heart of the British economy, and it is only with a strong economy that we can provide opportunity and security for everyone.

London is full of opportunity, but I know personally that getting on in this city can be difficult at times. As Mayor, I would champion the London economy both at home and abroad, so that London remains one of the most attractive places in the world for investment and to start a business.

I want to see a globally connected city, with a strong economy providing employment, opportunity, and security for all.

But in pursuit of his own personal power, Khan has consistently undermined and talked down London. Our buccaneering spirit, our economic success story and our bright future deserve a mayor who represents all of us, not just himself. London needs a true champion who believes in our city.

I will:

Launch New Trade Missions

I want to see a globally connected city, reaching out to trade partners and new markets across the globe. I will launch new trade missions around the globe to create opportunities for London’s dynamic businesses, from start-ups, to small and medium sized enterprises, and to London’s juggernauts like our financial sector.

Build the tech powerhouse of tomorrow 

I want to see a city where our tech sector, and other creative start-ups, can grow and flourish. I would work with telecom companies to deliver more superfast broadband through TfL’s network of tunnels, bridges and railway routes to provide the infrastructure our economy needs to boom.

Provide more cheap office space

I want to see a city where our thriving entrepreneurs can afford to get a foot in the door and let their businesses grow. I will work with commercial developers to set aside space, protect space, or contribute funding for affordable workspaces to support office-based start-ups.

Put more money in Londoners' pockets

I want to see a city where no one is paid below the London Living Wage. More jobs in outer London are paid below the London Living Wage than in inner London and too many FTSE 100 companies are still not signed up to the Living Wage. I will make sure that City Hall takes a lead in getting as many companies as possible on board.

Secure London’s Talent Pipeline

I want to see a city that continues to produce world-class talent for London’s businesses. With the apprenticeships budget and Adult Education budget, I will make City Hall a prime provider of opportunity to tackle disadvantage and develop a talent pipeline that benefits both workers and businesses.