January 29 2019

Black History Month: A New Mayor for London?

With the 2020 London Mayoral Elections fast approaching, Joy Sigaud put some poignant questions to the latest hopeful Conservative Party candidate Shaun Bailey

We welcome your nomination as the Conservative Party candidate for the Mayor of London post in the 2020 elections.

SB: Thanks very much. It’s a tremendous honour for me.

JS. Would you tell me what inspired you to join the Conservative Party?

SB: It wasn’t any one thing, really. Growing up our house was always full of chat, including political chat, but most of my family supported Labour. So did our community. But I always felt Labour took our support for granted, like they thought they could count on us no matter what. That felt like a dependence, not independence. One of my uncles agreed and would always pipe up and say that it wasn’t Labour who gave him the option to buy his flat.

But it was only when I got a bit older that I started to become aware of how politics impacted our lives. I was listening to very political rap music like Public Enemy and that sparked me into questioning what was going on.


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